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Noice, especially since you used Genocide City as the main set! There's some characters that I don't know, but IDEC about that. Also, R...

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Dear pesky commenters... by JoshuatheHedgefox Dear pesky commenters... :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 4 2 I've decided. by JoshuatheHedgefox I've decided. :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 2 2 Which Swift sprite style? - You decide! by JoshuatheHedgefox Which Swift sprite style? - You decide! :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 6 10 (Discord) Fired by JoshuatheHedgefox (Discord) Fired :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 10 13 [SRB2] Preview thing. by JoshuatheHedgefox [SRB2] Preview thing. :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 8 2 Oh.(Updated with explaination) by JoshuatheHedgefox Oh.(Updated with explaination) :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 8 50 Woof the Wolf by JoshuatheHedgefox Woof the Wolf :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 4 2 Into the Depths of Marble Zone... by JoshuatheHedgefox Into the Depths of Marble Zone... :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 21 45 SRB2 - GFZ Mania (Act 1) by JoshuatheHedgefox SRB2 - GFZ Mania (Act 1) :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 2 0 DAFCHQ #12 - Sonic or Knuckles? by JoshuatheHedgefox DAFCHQ #12 - Sonic or Knuckles? :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 7 15 Update thingy. by JoshuatheHedgefox Update thingy. :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 9 10 Skyline Swift(ROUGH SKETCH) by JoshuatheHedgefox Skyline Swift(ROUGH SKETCH) :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 4 3 SRB2 - GFZ1 Edit? by JoshuatheHedgefox SRB2 - GFZ1 Edit? :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 7 1 He's waiting! by JoshuatheHedgefox He's waiting! :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 10 3
Swift CDD: Act 1 - A New Threat
It was sunset in Green Hill Zone, as the sun setted behind the tall brown mountains. The sky was tinted orange with clouds being pink. The animals that was the area's main population, was either bouncing along rolling hills of green, watching the sunset in peace or even drinking from the massive water source. 
The mad scientist, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, or Dr. Eggman, as he was more commonly known, was nowhere to be seen. No robots, that he called "Badniks" in sight, or anything. Some people were suspicious, some simply shrugged it off.  All they cared about is that, nobody was there to spoil their day. Everything seemed like nothing could go wrong.
Sonic the Hedgehog, was relaxing by a tree, letting the wind touch his nose, as flickies chirped in the distance. This was the way he liked it. Peace and quiet. No Eggman robots to destroy. No plans to foil. All was well...
At least, that's what he thought, as a wave of darkness suddenly have coated the area.
"Huh?" He said, opening one
:iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 4 13
SwiftXIzzy - Good morning m'lady(FULLY COLOURED) by JoshuatheHedgefox SwiftXIzzy - Good morning m'lady(FULLY COLOURED) :iconjoshuathehedgefox:JoshuatheHedgefox 7 3


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I've decided.
I'm going for the Mania style. So, sorry to those who wanted the Sonic 2 style, but I prefer the Mania style. 

Now, you may have noticed the colours for Swift have been changed, it's because I feel that it'll be a better colour for how the character is, now. Also, the sprite is now fully in the Mania style, with hue-shifting and proper shades.

I hope you are all ok with me choosing this sprite style as I personally prefer it, as I actually like spriting this style. (Seriously, making the pallete was fun for me. :P)

Swift belongs to me, :iconjoshuathehedgefox:
*plugs in laptop charger into laptop*

Me: Ok, it should be charging now.

*low battery notification comes up*

Which Swift sprite style? - You decide!
Yeah, I'm stuck on what style to use, so you get to choose!

Which ever style gets the most votes, is the style I'll choose.

(I would prefer Mania tho, looks WAYYYY nicer. Also, the left is actually Sonic 2's style.)

Swift belongs to me, :iconjoshuathehedgefox:
USB broke, maybe. One of my parents ripped it out of the USB port, took my laptop away. All because of a stupid thing. fml


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United Kingdom
Howdy, I'm JoshuatheHedgefox. But most call me Josh, Joshua or JTHF in general.

I make Sonic related art and some other random stuff as well.

So, yeah. Watch me if you want. :T



Sonic OC Drawing(Digital)
Your Sonic OC drawn on Paint.NET, Coloured if you wish. (It takes longer than I draw on paper, so that's why this price is a bit higher.)
Sonic OC Drawing(Traditional)
A Drawing of your Sonic OC on paper for 10  points. (Sometimes takes some time depending on the character.)



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Nice! Is there an engine that, the game is bulit on, or...?
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